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AQUAPONICS – Combination of Aquaculture and Hydroponics (the soil-less growing of plants) where growing plants are fed with nutrient rich water (solid fish waste ammonia is converted into nitrates by nitrifying bacteria).

BUILDING BLOCKS – a) Aqua Zone b) Filtration Zone c) Grow Zone

FISH STOCKING DENSITY – 200-300g / 10 -15 Liters of water

WATER CHEMISTRY – a) pH : 6.8-7.2 b) Ammonia and Nitrites : 0.75 ppm c) Nitrates : 80 ppm or above d) DO : 5-6 ppm

FISH FEED – An adult fish will eat approximately 1% of its body-weight per day. Fish fry (babies) will eat as much as 7%. Be careful not to over feed your fish.

Rooftop Systems 48 Sqft -350 Sqft Size: Send us the following information and get your system designed by our experts at only @ INR 65/ Sqft*.

  • Site dimensions where you want to set-up the Aquaponics System/s
  • Images of the site (morning and evening)
  • What you want to grow
  • Level of knowledge in Aquaponics

* System design/ layout along with list of material .

Please note these systems are not designed for commercial purpose but will give you a good foundation for the commercial system ROI Analysis. The produce can be given as sample for client validation before venturing into Commercial Project.

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