Aeration & Filtration

Aeration is good for the growth of plants may be its Aquaponics or Hydroponics. In an Aquaponics System fish need a minimum of 4 ppm of dissolved oxygen to survive. Want to know exactly how much oxygen your aquaponics/hydroponics system has? Check our TESTING AND MONITORING section for Dissolved Oxygen Meter.

Filtration is an essential step in an Aquaponics System. As Aquaponics System is replica of natural ecosystem filtration/filter media helps bacteria convert solid fish waste into NITRATES which are later consumed by growing plants.

The selection of filter media assures that we are providing an increased surface area for these useful bacteria to colonize. These filters keep the system clean and healthy, while keeping the beneficial bacteria in our systems. Foam filters are used for the solid separation where as filter media is used for providing surface for bacterial growth.

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