Aquaponics -4x CHOP System


  • 12-16 Sq ft can be extended upto 8-10 Gro-beds (40 Sqft +)*
  • Expertly Designed Low Maintenance Systems
  • Easy to Setup
  • UV Stabilized Fiber Glass & Stackable


The Aquaponics 4X CHOP provides optimal growth area of 12-16 Square Feet and can be extended upto 8-10 Gro-Beds. The Grow beds can be arranged as per the design provided or user can arrange them according to the space availability. These Systems are easy to setup and maintain.

* The grow beds have pre-drilled holes (3/4″) but does not include stands and plumbing parts.



Standard Color (No Color/ None), the product will come with base color (Light Green) and can have surface irregularities due to the nature of manufacturing process.

Freight charges are not included in the price. The system will be dispatched through transport on to pay basis.

Disclaimer: Company does not provide any guarantees and warranties if the product is not handled properly or gets damaged during installation. Please read the cancellation and return policy clearly before ordering special (color) products.

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