8 Sqft Siphon System


  • 8 Sq ft System with Bell Siphon*
  • Media – Hydroton or ¾” gravel
  • Bell Siphon with Media Guard
  • Grip Handles for easy lift
  • UV Stabilized Fiber Glass & Stackable

Product Description

A compact 8 Sq ft System, attractive aquaponics grow bed designed with the Aquaponic gardener in mind! Comes ready to go out of the box – pre-drilled, with media guard and bell siphon.

* The grow beds have pre-drilled holes (3/4″) but does not include stands, plumbing parts and Media.



 milky_white  po_red  timber_golder_brown  tata_green  dove_grey
Milky White PO Red Timber Golden Brown Tata Green Dove Grey

Standard Color (No Color/ None), the product will come with base color (Light Green) and can have surface irregularities. Exterior coating/ finishing is done using Duco Paints (as per color pallet options). The actual color may vary from the shade card color.


Disclaimer: Company does not provide any guarantees and warranties if the product is not handled properly or gets damaged during installation. Please read the cancellation and return policy clearly before ordering special (color) products.


Additional Information

SKU Code

AQ8410S2, AQ8410S2FT


None, Milky White, PO Red, Timber Golden Brown, Tata Green, Dove Grey


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